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Need Encouragement? Here’s a Basketful!

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Ahhh. Wednesday. The  mid-week slump.

Are you feeling a little blah? A little unmotivated?

Well, I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! I have just the cure!

Today I’ve pulled out all stops and picked a basketful of encouragement just for you.

I’ve combed through the archives and chosen a few of my favorite posts—ones that will uplift, inspire, and brighten your day.

I do this periodically to offset the “noise”—the No No Nancys, Downer Dans, and hard seasons you may encounter. (Let’s face it. Sometimes, a breather’s in order!)

So just for a few moments, sit back, unwind, and soak up the joy. If there’s a post you’ve read before, skip and go on, or re-read again and feel the love. =)

Oh—and by all means—share!


Let’s go!

Trapped by Doubt? Ditch It!

Don’t Be Daunted by Dream-Crushers

How Are You Using Your Talents?

Want More Joy? Say Good-Bye to Your Gremlins!

Hope: 20 Reasons to Throw Open Your Windows

Provision (Trusting God When It’s Hard)

Forget Mediocre. You Are Extraordinary!

More Good Stuff…

“P” is For Patient (The Word Writers Know Best)

Top 10 Traits Joy-Bearers Have in Common

When Success Eludes (And Why We Should Still Go for It)

Silver Dollar City and the Ozarks…A Little Slice of Heaven

A Little Pep Talk for Your Writer’s Heart

How to Thrive Despite the Odds

Why Dream Big?

7 Reasons to Love What You Do

I’m on a roll!

Waiting, Writing, and Why You Must Not Quit

Be a Different Egg. Don’t Get Scrambled!

Zoom! 25 Ways to Rev Up Your Day

Sideline the Doldrums: 10 Ways to Remain Encouraged

If the Writing Bug Bites, Don’t Grab the Swatter!

Why Simple Days Are Often the Best Times

Why New Seasons Can Kick-Start Our Creativity

Keep the faith!

10 Pieces of Advice for Beginning Writers

Lost Your Sparkle? Time for Some Shine!

Bent But Not Broken. Why You WILL Do This Thing!

Broken, Stuck, or Closed: The Door God’s About to Open

Discouraged? You’ve Got This!

A Lesson in Love from the Master Author

Who You Are Doesn’t Have to be a Balancing Act

Here’s to a fabulous day, friend!



Winter’s raging, but there’s lots of warmth here. Check it out!

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The basket’s full. Grab your share of encouragement!

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Where do you draw your inspiration?

How can we be better encouragers?

Chin up and have a great day!

Blessings Always,

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