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Three Encouraging Thoughts for Your Writing Journey

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Country Road

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Writers plot.

We create.

We craft stories in a variety of genres.

We show characters at their best, and even love ’em at their worst.

Sometimes, our thoughts may take a different tack—a more exciting path—than what we’d originally intended.

It’s an intense thing when this happens because, often, it’s during these spine-tingling times we realize what’s happening is beyond our control.

Christian fiction writers may recognize these moments as “God things.”

What happens, however, when writers aren’t in tune to the Holy Spirit’s prompting? When we can’t shake the season of doldrums?

As most of us know, writing and negativity are counter-productive, but sometimes it happens.

Unfortunately, weariness and frustration are a part of the process and it’s a reality of the writing journey. Writing despite obstacles is something every writer faces sooner or later.

It’s when effects of these rites of passage linger that our mindset becomes problematic. Too much time in the “poor me” valley is crippling.

Here are three encouraging thoughts to remember during your journey:

1. Understand that negativism isn’t from God.

That’s a mindset the enemy uses to entrap us.When we’re tired, physically ill, emotionally exhausted, or dealing with disappointment, that’s when we’re most vulnerable. Thoughts become distorted; logic replaces fear. Fear creates panic and panic erodes into misplaced resentment. Before long, as odd as it sounds, that becomes a new comfort zone.

2. Realize that self-worth isn’t determined by others’ words.

Easier said than done because, sure, those rejections sting. Most writers will admit they’ve had their fair share and they’re not pleasant. Use those rejections, however, as stepping-stones, not stumbling blocks. Don’t let them make you bitter. Learn from them, heed the advice—and realize, too, that writing is a subjective business. Don’t let sour thoughts overtake you or your writing.

3. Envision success.

During my writing journey, I’ve developed some mental tricks as I move toward my goals—one of which is to visualize what I want to obtain. In my mind, I see my goal and I literally walk myself through the process of achieving it. I know what clothing I have on, the colors I’m wearing, and even who I’m interacting with.


Once we understand the finished products (our manuscripts) are  tangible proof of our effort, then we have something to work with. We can learn to channel any negative thoughts and influences into something spectacular!

We can gather reinforcements—our critique partners and our encouragers—and move forward in the process. If we wait until we “feel” better, chances are we won’t. Feelings lie.

Stay focused and positive by:

  •  Journaling. Jot down goals, hopes, dreams and what specific things you’re going to do to reach new heights.
  • Reaffirmations. Dive into God’s word daily. Let Him speak to you—seek His will for your life. There are literally hundreds of Bible verses that tell us how special we are.
  •  Exercising. Even if it’s just taking a walk around your own house, that’s a good start. We feel better mentally and physically when our bodies are active.
  •  Giving God the glory for the new work He’s creating in you! You may not see it, feel it, or really believe it while it’s happening, but that’s how it is as gold’s being refined. It’s all about the process.

Discouragement every now and then is normal. A negative mindset, however, robs us of our potential.

Discard doubt and enjoy the ride!


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What’s something you’ve learned during your journey?

What are your encouragement tips?

Blessings Always,

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  1. Shelli Littleton

    Cynthia, this is precious. Something I’ve learned on this writing journey is that God always delivers. He always gives just the right words just when you need them, when you ask.

  2. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Shelli, thanks so much for sharing that! And you said something key: “… when you ask.” He knows precisely what we need, but He adores us and He wants to hear from us.

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