The Value of Community

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Recently, I met with a friend for brunch and catch-up. Over danishes and drinks (no—not those kind of drinks), we talked about momlife, busy seasons, and oh, yes—writing.

Writing—the thing that causes our hearts to drum a little faster.

The thing that rocks our comfort zones.

The thing that drives us to dream bigger, try harder, and work smarter as we advance toward writing goals.

Our conversation went something like this:

“Sometimes, the journey isn’t what we think it’ll be.”

I agreed. “Yeah. It’s everything we’ve heard it is, but it’s not. The journey, I mean. Same trail, but a different path. Others can share their experience and tell you what to expect, but at the end of the day, you’re the sole owner of your hike.”

“Exactly. And there will always be a thousand different viewpoints with a lot of creative spins.”

“Amen, sister.” I knew what my friend meant.

Listen, but filter.

In other words, don’t take Dynamic Dan’s POV as Gospel.

If he’s an expert in his field (and has the track record to prove it), by all means, listen. Take notes. Apply the meat and potatoes, but throw out the gravy. (But oh, my goodness. How I love gravy!)

The truth of the matter is gravy’s often calorie-laden with limited nutritional content.

The real pay-off when joining folks on their hike, jog, or cruise isn’t about work-out duds, party clothes, or charisma.

It’s about community.

The value of a vibrant, connected community is worth its weight in gold.

For writers, especially, surrounding ourselves with like-minded encouragers makes sense.

It not only makes sense—it’s crucial to a positive, productive mindset.

A writer (or any goal-oriented professional, for that matter) needs a circle of energy where he draws strength, yes, but also contributes some muscle. In a good way.

Moving forward in this season of celebration, let’s remember to thank our communities for the blessings they are.

And too, let’s open our doors and invite others in.

Because what’s a community with blinders?

That word.




It’s not about the work-out duds, party clothes, or charisma. It’s about this.

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Don’t underestimate the value of community. Here’s why.

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Remember, share kindness!

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