A Little Pep Talk for Your Writer’s Heart

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Image Credit: hmomoy/Photopin CC

Image Credit: hmomoy/Photopin CC

There comes a time when we all need a little pep talk.

I don’t mean pouring on the platitudes or sugar-coating the obvious.

That might feel good for a moment but, generally, what we really want is some razor-sharp clarity along with those tasty motivational nuggets.

I’m a little more apt to listen to someone who’s shared a similar experience than I am to someone with witty sayings, but no solid background (as in– lessons learned the hard way.)

If you’ve visited here for very long, you know I like to encourage. At the same time, I pray I never, ever trivialize or minimize your dilemmas or hardships.

The focus of this blog is to uplift in a get real kind of way, if that makes sense.

I’m not an expert.

I don’t pretend to be.

I’m just a writer-gal from the Ozarks traveling the path–same as you–one step or stumble at a time.

Now, I love Jesus.

I love you.

I love serving others.

The nitty-gritty of today’s post is this:

If you’re a writer (or you’re thinking about it), it’s hard. I don’t know of any other way to put it, except to honestly say it–it’s back-breaking hard.

Depending on people’s goals, the degree of hardship varies from writer to writer. Folks rarely accomplish their vision overnight. It may seem that way sometimes, but often we fail to see the blood, sweat, and tears that’s gone into their success.

We pull out our dreaded self-compare pad and rate ourselves according to someone else’s value scale. It’s self-defeatist really and serves no purpose.

I’ve learned over the years to filter what I see and hear from self-proclaimed experts. You should, too.

  • Talk to others who have been where you’re at.
  • Stamp out negativity.
  • Seek the positive.
  • Turn to those who offer truth in love.
  • Run from back-biters, joy-stealers, and pot-stirrers.
  • Recharge your day by taking charge of your day.

And as I told a friend last week–You were created for just this mission. No one else can do exactly what you can.

You’re unique.


And here for a purpose.

Don’t squander one more minute thinking otherwise.

(If you ever doubt that, let me know. I’ll set you straight!)


What’s your recipe for encouragement?



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 Blessings Always,

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  1. Jennifer Zarifeh Major

    Cindy, you have to know those words were the catalyst to make me fight back against the condemning whispers of “Can I do this?” and have them become the rallying cry of “This? I can do!”

    Thank you, for ALL your words, not just the ones you spoke for me.

  2. Melissa Tagg

    Love this post, Cindy. I’ve needed some writing encouragement lately, so this was great timing. 🙂 I’m at that place in my own writing where it feels messy and sloppy and I feel…ill-equipped. But I had a neat moment the other day…I was whining, telling God “I can’t do this.” And I’m pretty sure he laughed at me, and followed it up with this: “Of course YOU can’t do it. But WE totally can.”

    I’m so thankful for an encouraging God and encouraging friends. 🙂

  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    The encouragement I would give is one of perspective.

    Writing’s hard, but there are harder things that life can offer.

    Novels entertain. Don’t be too serious; if you’re not having fun, your readers probably won’t either.

    Remember that no one ever built a monument to a critic, or will ever build one to the agent who just sent a “no thanks” (or didn’t deign to reply).

    In the end, this life is preparation for the Eternal. Be true to the vision God gave you; it may not meet with acceptance here, but, hey…neither did He, when He walked the earth!

  4. Beth K. Vogt

    If you’ve ever doubted your spiritual gifting, my friend, know that you are a super-sized encourager. It flows out of you like breathing — and it gives life to others.

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    Cynthia Herron

    Melissa, I’ll always remember your ACFW speech a few years ago. Always. You’ll never know how your words touched me and shaped the rest of my conference.

    Sometimes, messy is good because that’s when we learn to rely on God the most. And you nailed it–we can’t do it alone, but with Him, we can accomplish ALL that He’s intended.

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