10 Ways Writers Give Thanks

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As is often the case during holiday busyness, sometimes, gratitude gets shoved to the back burner as we power through shopping, cooking, chores, and ahh yes—writing. It’s one of those unintentional slights, ironic that it may be, given this season of thankfulness.

We know, but we don’t do.

Today I thought it fitting to share reminders—simple, heartfelt ways we, as writers, can bless other writers.

In celebration of Thanksgiving next week, it’s time for a gratitude roll call.

Enjoy and pay it forward!


10 Ways Writers Give Thanks



1. Remember where we got our start. Thank those who’ve been influential during our journey and extend a word of encouragement to others who aren’t as far down the road.


2. Maintain a willing spirit and a servant’s heart. The writing life isn’t easy. Making it less about us and more about others will not only renew our spirits, but it will reflect in our writing, as well.


3. Generate positivity. Be a beacon, not a burden. Release your light and invite friends to join you. In other words, pay it forward.


4. Play secret pal to a fellow writer. Ideas could include: an anonymous note of cheer, a small plant for their office, homemade cookies, or even a new package of ink pens or paper clips. It’s not the cost, but the creativity and the sentiment behind the gift that count.


5. Go the distance. Share the gift of the written word with those who are home-bound, in nursing homes, or in hospitals. Donate books and magazines. Offer to read a chapter or short story to those who are unable.


6. Write daily. Honor the craft. Even just getting a few words on paper will cause a shift in attitude. (Try something simple like Thank you, Lord.)


7. Deliver good news. Call that special someone just to say “I love you.” When said sincerely and from the heart, those three words have the power to transform!


8. List our blessings, then say them aloud. Verbalizing what we’re thankful for creates awareness. Tacking our list on a bulletin board is even better. That gives us vision.


9. Invite a writer pal out to dinner. It’s fun to dish about our mutually shared craft and words of thanks are bound to come up between friends.


10.  Realize where our talent comes from. Thank Him daily.




One of my favorite songs is “How Can It Be?” by Lauren Daigle. The lyrics never fail to move me. Pop over to her site and listen.

“While I’m Waiting” by John Waller is another favorite. It’s an older song from the movie Fireproof, but the message of the song is great encouragement to writers. Again, you can listen directly here.



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How has someone blessed YOU this week?


Thank you for joining me today.

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