Your Dream is Worth It

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Dreams are the pieces of our soul, I think, that reflect our deepest yearnings. 

Sometimes, we speak words of affirmation to those yearnings and give wing to our secret desires. Other times, we ferret away vestiges of hope for fear of what folks may think.

I’ll use writing as an example.

As a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write glorious stories with flesh and bone characters who didn’t just muddle through life, but instead, grabbed it by the throat without letting go!

Over the years I made some modifications to the dream:

  • I set active goals
  • I prayed
  • I read
  • I wrote
  • I spoke it aloud
  • I nurtured it
  • I claimed writing as mine
  • I believed I could do it
  • I learned
  • I never gave up

I’m still traveling the road.

Claiming the dream.



Tattered around the edges some.

But not without courage.

At times, the path’s been difficult. I’ve wanted to shelve the dream.

For a while.

When it’s been tough-going, I’ve dug in my heels.

Raised my head high.

And determined…

Just one more time.

TRY just one more time.

Today friends, if your resolve is wilting, your energy lagging, and your hope sinking, know this: your dream is worth it.

You may be sick, tired, cranky, or bored. Your dream’s still worth it.

You may have quit and started over a hundred times.

Is your dream still worth it? 

You better believe it!

You may feel like your ship’s already sailed, but another ship is headed your way! 

That’s not Pollyanna thinking–though I do love her so.

It’s what God has promised and His intent for you.

I wrote this some years ago and I keep it beside my computer. It keeps things in perspective.

GOALS: Something I try to realistically shoot for with God’s help.

DREAMS: Something beyond the scope of the tangible, but completely possible

with the One who moves mountains.


What’s your dream?


If your resolve is wilting, your energy lagging, and your hope sinking, you should know this:

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  Blessings Always,

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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I’ve been tempted to give upon my personal dreams many times. Not because of lack of progress, or illness, or lack of resources – all of those can be overcome – but for a more fundamental reason.

    Looking at the big picture, with all the pain in the world, it seemed immoral to pursue a private passion. The time and resources should rather go to a better cause, right? They should work to right a wrong, and ease pain.

    Yes. However.

    The thing is, I am a resource – and so is my energy and morale. I realized that I was more effective and active while pursuing my goals than when I tried to be selfless. The dreams feed my soul, and let me develop the spiritual muscles and heart to keep going.

    It’s a human trait…or is it? I do recall that When Jesus’ feet were massaged with expensive oil, one of the disciples objected, saying that they oil could have been sold and the money given to the poor.

    Jesus set him straight. Jesus Himself needed something to refresh him.

    All about the balance, I guess?

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    Cynthia Herron

    Andrew, exactly! And when our heart’s desire aligns with God’s ultimate will, plan, and purpose for our lives, our influence on the world can be earth-shaking. Loved your perspective this morning.

  3. Jill Kemerer

    Love this, Cynthia! Yes, our dreams are worth it! And we’re going to be discouraged during our wait. It’s part of the process, unfortunately. But God is so good. He’ll see us through!

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