Yes. You CAN Have a Nicer, Gentler Holiday Season.

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Is it just me or have the naysayers run amok?

Granted, the holiday season is a tough time for many. Job loss. Illness. Hardship. The list is wide and far-reaching. And let me just say—today’s thoughts are not in any way meant to diminish terrible circumstances or life’s realities. For those touched by sadness and upheaval, may we always uplift and encourage.

May we extend kindness and open arms.

May we love.

Today I wanted to tackle a different subject. Holiday Grinches. I know. It’s a sensitive thing.

No worries.

We’ll tread lightly…but tactfully, truthfully, and lovingly. (Because, as you know, that’s my motto.)

Sip some joe. Have a bagel. It’s okay.

The truth is Dismal Doras and Downer Dans continue to bombard our social media.

They tiptoe on the fringe of our feeds and wait for opportune moments to embellish half-truths and offer harsh commentary.

Now, because of social media’s ease (and anonymity, to some degree), I realize we’re in a new day and age where we can toss out thoughts at will and whim.

I realize, too, we’ve grown weary of broken systems and we want to expose fallibilities. We want others to know what glitters isn’t necessarily gold.

But really—what I’m seeing, what I’m hearing, doesn’t make me listen.

It leaves me cold.

Unkind rhetoric always will. It just rubs me the wrong way.

Spewing hate and foul language demeans the issue. It draws attention, but not always to the issue. And let’s be honest. Who wants all that drama during the holidays?

Please don’t misunderstand. I agree that we cannot grow blind to injustice, mayhem, or evil. However, I also believe there are better ways to dismantle the insidiousness. Though, sometimes, despite our best efforts, better ways don’t always work. Sometimes, we have to disengage. We have to take the high road.)

Meeting naysayers on their level only gives credence to their Grinchy mindset. Don’t do it. (Please tweet)

Christmas is a season of goodness and light.

Because of the babe born in a manger on that long-ago star-filled night, we get to choose.

Christ’s birth made it possible.

That’s right. Free will.

Yes. You CAN have a nicer, gentler holiday season.

  • You CAN limit social media.
  • You CAN dial down the drama.
  • You CAN set firm boundaries.
  • You CAN choose joy over junk.
  • You CAN say “no” to naysayers.
  • You CAN savor the Savior. 

See? You can do those things.

Still don’t believe me?

Then, wallow in a great memory. Linger there. Immerse yourself in those happy moments this holiday season. Don’t allow doubt, cruel words, or ugly thoughts to mar the beauty of Christmas.

Listen to this. I dare you to not feel better.





Want joy this holiday season? Dial down the drama. Take Christmas back.


Original Image Credit: CCO Creative Commons/Pixabay


Know a Grinch? Does his attitude affect your mindset?

How will you change that?

Do you think social media drives agendas?

Have you changed your social media habits? In what ways?



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