What the 2017 Oscars Taught Us About Grace (Yes, Really)

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What the 2017 Oscars Taught Us About Grace (Yes, Really) authorcynthiaherron.com

First, let me just say this is not a politically driven post.


Now that we have that out of the way, we can all relax.

*deep breath*

For those who didn’t watch the 2017 Oscar debacle unfold, no doubt you heard about it. Of course, I’m talking about the evening’s epic fail—the Best Picture mix-up. Or, more specifically, the right Oscar being awarded to the wrong winner.


The wrong envelope, the wrong announcement, the wrong winner. Something that, as it occurred, seemed surreal and contrived. A distasteful joke gone—what else? Wrong.

“Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe that just happened.”

“What?” Hubs entered the room.

We’d decided to head to bed early since the Oscars held little appeal and had for several years.

Don’t misunderstand—we love movies and the arts, and of course, we respect the wide range of talent, however, the Academy Awards (show) has become too much hype and innuendo with far too little class. And my heavenly days, don’t those folks ever eat? They really need some fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. Maybe some chocolate pie, too.

“Faye Dunaway just announced the wrong Best Picture winner. She said it was La La Land and it’s not. It’s Moonlight.”

Wow. Bet that’s a first.”

Turned out it wasn’t, but it hadn’t happened in decades. The blunder would still make history, but at least it wouldn’t take top billing as being the first. And now we know, too, the mix-up wasn’t Ms. Dunaway’s fault. Warren Beatty, her co-presenter, was handed the incorrect envelope—the envelope with the card announcing Emma Stone as the winner for Best Actress.

The dilemma? Ms. Stone had already been presented her award. Hmm… Who wouldn’t be confused? Not Beatty’s fault either. The New York Times had this to say. The explanation made sense, but still, chaos ensued. Suits, sequins, tuxes, and fringe blurred our television screen.

Hubs and I watched, transfixed, as pretty people rushed the stage. First, those who thought they won Best Picture. Then, those who were told, “No, Moonlight, you won!”

The emotion on that stage ranged from total elation to shock and disbelief.

Then…humiliation, disappointment, acceptance, and joy.


Surely, prime time TV at its finest. The very stuff we fiction writers love. In fiction, that is.

But I digress.

Here’s the deal.

Though Hubs and I haven’t seen La La Land or Moonlight, given the glowing reports surrounding La La Land, I wasn’t surprised to hear they’d won.

I was surprised at the grace extended to Moonlight movie execs by La La Land’s producers when the epic fail was brought to light.

What could have disintegrated into discord and uglies, showcased, instead, the best traits of true winners from both camps.

For 33 million viewers, including my husband and me, that was, perhaps, the best Oscar-worthy moment of the entire night.

I may not remember who wore what or which star roared loudest but suffice it to say—winners aren’t always the ones with trophies. Sometimes, they’re the folks who sacrifice everything to elevate others.



No politics. 😉

I did it!




The stars that shine the brightest aren’t necessarily the biggest. When epic fails win.


Did you watch the 2017 Oscars? What the Academy Awards taught TV viewers about grace.



Original Image Credit: Maialisa/Pixabay


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Did you watch the 2017 Academy Awards?

What are your thoughts?

Are you an Oscars fan?


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Comments 7

  1. Teri

    Good Morning … Well, we didn’t watch the 2017 Oscars. To be very truthful, I didn’t see or hear what went on there. I think that I must have my head stuck in the sand, so to speak. First and foremost, I could live without a television. My hubby on the other hand would miss it. I haven’t been to a movie theater for many, many years. My hubby has gone with a friend a few times. I think I must live in my own little world. I have a stash of DVD’s … Anne of Green Gable series, The Love Come Softly series, Homestead Blessings series, a few of my favorite Christmas movies, a few good old fashioned movies. My hubby loves the old westerns. I am sure there are some good things on television that I have missed, but to be quite honest there just isn’t much there for me.

    My hubby just got up and I asked him about the Oscar’s. He didn’t watch it either, but did mention that he saw the “flub-ups” somewhere on the news.

    So, I did not watch the Academy Awards, and I have shared my thoughts and an Oscar fan I am not.

    I hope that you enjoy a pretty day in the Ozarks. We plan to be out and about on this pretty day here in Kansas.

    Sweetest Blessings ♥ Teri

    P.S. I might mention that I would be lost without my desktop and my new Android phone … that I am just learning all of the in’s and out’s of. So I do like to stay connected in my own little way.

  2. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Teri, yes, I think most of us would be lost without our phones and other conveniences. The ease and speed of electronics now versus how it used to be even ten years ago has spoiled us.

    I don’t have time to watch a lot of television either. There are some shows I like, and of course, Hubs is a big sports fan. Me? I do enjoy TCM (because I’m a huge—huge—classic movie buff). I also have a stash of old movies I adore and I enjoy those in my downtime. I used to like watching the Academy Awards, but in recent years, I’ve found them lacking. Just personal preference, I suppose. I’m still a supporter of the arts, though, (I better be!) and I appreciate great talent. I just wish we’d see authors and books recognized in a similar way on prime time television. Now, that would be a novel ( 😉 ) idea, wouldn’t it?

    Have a great day as you venture out ~ The sun’s shining here!

    Blessings to you, my dear.

  3. Jennifer Zarifeh Major

    The grace and kindness shown but people who’d already accepted the Oscar is a lesson for everyone.
    The elation and joy lasted only a few minutes, but wow, what class to pass those hard earned Oscars off to someone else?

  4. Teri

    Oh yes, Cynthia … I do love books and authors and would love to see them recognized in such a way. I would enjoy seeing that on television. Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine! Hugs ♥ Teri

  5. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Andrew, I’m sure it had to be one of the most challenging wins and losses for both contenders. And to compose oneself (within seconds) on live television in front of 33 million viewers? Wow. It was definitely something we could all learn from.

  6. Post

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