Winter Chill Have You Down? Relax! It’s Temporary.

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After the holiday season, the next few months can seem like an endless dose of blah. There’s the Christmas high, then the post-Christmas afterglow. Around late January, though, many of us start counting the days until spring. Winter is just not our friend. Now, if you’re one of those folks who favors colder weather, fuzzy sweaters, and gray, cloudy days—my …

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12 Toasty Tidbits to Warm Your Heart

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Well, I don’t know where you’re at, but here in the Ozarks, it’s knee-knocking cold! Our recent temperatures have hung around the single digits with the afternoons a little warmer, but because of the wind chill factor, that’s only a slight reprieve. I don’t like it. Cold is cold! And you may remember, I’m not a fan of winter. I …

10 Warm Thoughts for a Wintry Day

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Brrrr!  Is it cold where you’re at? In my neck of the woods, winter has reared her frosty white head yet again. I think the Ozarks is on round seventeen of this wintry muck. Snow, sleet, and a little freezing rain thrown in for good measure continue to shape the season. (Good thing I’m a writer–I don’t mind hibernating as …