Three Not-To-Miss Thoughts

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Today as we enter wind-down mode, I wanted to share three not-to-miss thoughts. Thoughts worth considering as we seek downtime and restoration. The first is a brief synopsis of the newly released movie Hacksaw Ridge. This movie is based on the true story of World War II hero Desmond Doss, a man of courage and faith who shunned the limelight, …

Don’t Let Others Get You Down

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I’ve always enjoyed being active on social media. I like to connect with like-minded folks. I like seeing what’s new in friends’ lives. While I’m not able to do it all (and still write), I like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogging. Recently, though, on some of the networks, I’ve noticed a trend. On some days, the trend goes in fits …

When You’re Drowning in Dandelions… Laugh!

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Yep. There they were again. Tall, regal, and practically smirking, those white-crowned devils mocked me. I slugged back a swig of coffee and marched toward the kitchen. “I guess you saw them.” “Saw what?” God love him. Didn’t he know? Didn’t hubby realize that all his hard work was for naught? That they were not only back, but they’d multiplied …

basket of apples

Need Encouragement? Here’s a Basketful!

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Ahhh. Wednesday. The  mid-week slump. Are you feeling a little blah? A little unmotivated? Well, I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! I have just the cure! Today I’ve pulled out all stops and picked a basketful of encouragement just for you. I’ve combed through the archives and chosen a few of my favorite posts—ones that will uplift, inspire, and brighten …

red cardinal

When the Same Thing Doesn’t Work

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Last year we had a significant cardinal explosion in our back field. (As in—they were everywhere!) We also had finches, wrens, and various other birds to frequent our bird feeder, but the cardinals were the main beauties that visited. Oh, how we enjoyed watching them! They’d clamor for top spot on the feeder rim, eat their fill, and then others …

Berries on a frosty morning

One Down, One More to Go

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By now, we’ve eaten our fair share of turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Dinner guests have come and gone, Black Friday is but a memory, and November waved good-bye with a 30 degree temperature drop. One major holiday down and one more to go. Ahhh. This past Thanksgiving was a poignant one for our family. It was the first major …

Fall in the Ozarks

Trapped by Doubt? Ditch It!

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Many years ago I sat in a meeting with “Jackie.” I’ll never forget the awkwardness of that day. (You can read more here.) Jackie rarely spoke well of others and often voiced her discontent with everything from A to Z. In short—she was no fun. I believe her attitude reflected deeper issues, specifically her own self-doubt. She was trapped in …

Light in a dark forest

Want More Joy? Say Goodbye to Your Gremlins!

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When the film Gremlins was released at the box office in 1984, this horror/comedy introduced cute, furry creatures that morphed into sinister monsters. The movie garnered a PG-13 rating—something that was still new at the time—because of some violent content and language. Gremlins appealed to a lot of folks, but I didn’t like it. No surprise there—even then, I was …

20 Terrific Ways Writers Spread Joy

20 Terrific Ways Writers Spread Joy

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I’m a people-lover. And because I care about people (YOU) I love to spread joy! I’ve had some disappointments. I’ve walked the valley. (I’ve shared some of those trials here and here.) I think when we experience life’s heartaches, we view others’ hardships through a fresh lens. We’re more inclined to nitpick less, listen better, and love more. Sometimes, it’s …

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Kick-Start Your Week with Monday Motivation

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Sometimes Mondays bring a mixed bag of emotions. We dread them, embrace them, or simply accept them as a matter of course. It only stands to reason that if we have a lot going on in our lives, the first day of our work week can overwhelm. It makes sense, too, when we look forward to something we approach Mondays …