When Spring Came With Growing Pains (Part Four – Final Installment)

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I have to be honest. Actually, fall is my favorite season. When these old hills and hollows are awash with saffron, red, and orange, there’s nothing more beautiful…except maybe the month of spring. I can think of only one time I wished fall would hurry and pass—when color gave way to dormant browns and grays and stayed that way, at least …

When Spring Came With Growing Pains (Part Three)

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Ahh. Spring. I sense it. Can all but touch it. Last week we hit the upper seventies in my little corner of the Ozarks. Yesterday? We struggled to make it past the freezing mark. Last night? A hard freeze. My poor crabapple trees, laden with fresh, new buds and ready to bloom, may not—at least, this spring. Alas. There’s a …

Spring is Coming (Part Two)

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Spring is a marvelous season ripe with promise and new opportunities. After long, cold months of sun-starved days and muted browns and grays, we’re more than ready to discard Old Man Winter and move on. We’re excited about what’s up ahead. The past is behind us and the world is our oyster. And yet—sometimes, new seasons don’t come without growing pains. …

Exhausted? Buckle Up. Spring is Coming.

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By the time March arrives, I’m a little battle-worn. I’m tired of cold, dreary days, limited sunshine, and colorless landscapes.  I’m ready for that glorious new season brimming with beauty and blossoms—spring. A friend voiced the same sentiment. “You know, I’m exhausted. I think the winter must be a writer’s bane. We hibernate in our caves so much that we …

When You Must Go Through the Forest to See Daylight

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  As a little girl, I was afraid of the dark. It’s still not one of my favorite things, but over the years, I’ve learned to adjust. (Aren’t nightlights wonderful?) I was thinking about “the dark” again recently and how fear, tension, and negativity affect our mindset and self-esteem. People who live in the dark sometimes do so willingly. Maybe it’s a subconscious …

What Guides You to Try Your Best?

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Last weekend, our daughter’s school choir performed at a music contest. The kids worked hard. They practiced for months before the competition. Some students performed solos while others performed in larger groups. Our daughter was one of the altos in a sextet. As well as practicing with her school choir as a whole, she’d spent additional time after school practicing …


My Top Five Pick-Me-Ups for Writers

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Welcome, my friend! In the midst of our busyness, off-times, and seasonal shifts, sometimes a pick-me-up is in order. Today I’ve culled through the archives and I wanted to share my top five pick-me-ups in the hope that something will resonate with you. Ready? Great! Here we go.   1. When Writers Lose Heart (The subject we don’t like to …


Should You Give Up Your Dream?

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I heard a lot of groans this week. Discouraged sighs that tugged at my heartstrings and tweaked my emotions. Maybe you were one of those people I heard. Were you? If you read Wednesday’s post then you know how I’ve dealt with some of the “noise” that’s threatened to upend. Still… Life and circumstances can rattle us. They can make …


A Writer’s Gardening Guide for Surviving and Thriving: Five Practical Tips

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I love beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. I’m in awe of the people who grow them. My mama is one of those people. She could transplant a brick and bring it back to life. (Well—she can raise a stick from the dead.) Despite the odds, green things thrive under her watchful eye. Gardening’s never been my strong suit, but …


Encouragement for Your Season

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Some seasons are mountaintop moments. Others are sojourns in the valley. Today, let’s talk about the sojourns. Everyone experiences difficulties, hardships, and trials from time to time. It’s inevitable. Some folks may endure these struggles temporarily. For others, the season of suffering may seem never-ending. As writers, we’re deeply in tune to these times of seasoning. These experiences mature us—not only …