10 Reasons To Do Sunday Brunch at The Keeter Center

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As promised, today I have a delightful treat for you. Be forewarned: eye-candy feast ahead. It *may* induce coveting…and hunger pangs. Belly up to your laptop screen or smartphone annnd let’s go! As you know, one of our family’s all-time favorite restaurants is the award-winning Dobyns Dining Room at the oh-so-amazing Keeter Center (located at my beloved alma mater, College of the …

Warm Fuzzy Wednesday

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Are you as weary with the day-to-day news events as I am? Goodness gracious me, it’s enough to drive me to my coffee pot. Thank heaven for this good, ol’ Ozarks’ heat and humidity otherwise the caffeine might just send me over the edge. Today I’ll just stick with my iced tea and chocolate. Cheers! *clink* Over the next few …

red tulips and barn

Using the Unexpected as a Springboard for Our Stories

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Where I live, it’s not unusual for farm animals to occasionally wander off from where they’re supposed to be. Cows, goats, horses, and chickens have all made an appearance along the tree-lined lanes of our neck of the woods. Once when our daughter was about three, she stood at the window and clapped her little hands. “Mommy, come see the big birds …