Christ of the Ozarks

Hope Springs Eternal

Cynthia Herron Christian Fiction, Writing 3 Comments

Years ago, when I began pursuing a publishing career, I remember there was often a little voice that would taunt Yeah, well hope springs eternal. It was the voice of discouragement, the voice of disbelief. I continued to plug away and tried to tamp down the ever-present rant going on in my head—the stream of negatives that played like a symphony …


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I’m a collector of many things. My kitchen has an apple theme so I collect all things “apple.”  Gingerbread men and women grace my laundry room in the borders and on the walls. I adore miniature teapots so I have several of those. I’m also a lover of vintage cookbooks, preferably circa 1950 and earlier. And my most cherished collection …


Writing Christian Fiction

Cynthia Herron Writing Christian Fiction 5 Comments

For many people not familiar with Christian fiction there’s sometimes the preconceived notion that if it’s Christian it must be boring. I remember once being asked why I wanted to write for the Christian market rather than the secular one. “Well, a Christian is who I am,” I responded.  “I think what I write would be best suited to that niche.” “Don’t you …