Happy (Early) Easter

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Good Friday. The day always tweaks my heartstrings. I reflect on Christ’s earthly ministry. How he loves us. How he willingly laid down his life so we could spend eternity with him in heaven. (John 3:16) Many will celebrate the weekend with egg hunts and Easter bunnies and other fun traditions, but during the fun, I hope folks will pause  …


Happy 4th of July 2015!

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Happy (early) 4th of July, friend! I hope your holiday is safe, fun, and family-filled. We’ve hit a rainy spell in the Ozarks the last few days, but we’re hopeful that it moves on before we celebrate with fireworks this evening. Because of family members’ work schedules, we’ll enjoy our activities tonight instead of on the 4th. We’ll grill a …


Like Country Cookin’? Try Billy Gail’s Cafe Near Branson, MO.

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Ever hanker for something different? Well, Billy Gail’s Cafe near Branson, Missouri is sure to fit that bill. Last weekend, we kick-started spring break by meandering down south a ways to this delightfully deelish cafe, owned by the lovely Gail Blong—widow to Billy who passed away in 2012. I came across this profile of the place in our wonderful Rural …

Angel ornament

Christmas Prep and Kittycat Curiosity (with Photos)

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After Thanksgiving our family spends the next several days preparing our home for Christmas. We trim the tree, hang the lights, and set out the Nativity. We dress our stair railing in green garland with bright red bows, display beautiful floral arrangements, and hang a pretty, white wreath on the front door. Oh—and let’s not forget the Baby Jesus window …

When Nana Did Thanksgiving

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As a little girl, nothing excited me more than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Without a doubt, those were the three biggest holidays our family celebrated and occasions I remember the most. Each holiday was marked with reverence and given it’s due. There was never a question where our family would celebrate. It was better than any mall, shopping center, or …

Happy Sweet Sixteen

From China to the Ozarks: A Girl, A Dream, and Sweet Sixteen

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When Emily* joined our family she was such a little nugget. Like her parents, we loved her immediately. Miss Personality had flawless, brown skin and dark, expressive eyes. Silky, black hair framed a ready smile and a button nose. From China to the Ozarks, this precious girl came. And in a heartbeat we were smitten. For a while, we communicated …

Red and gold fall leaves

Friday: Your Work Week Wind-Down

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Well, as so often is the case in the Ozarks, we’ve had a twenty-two degree temperature drop. I’m already shivering with today’s projected high of sixty degrees and rain compared to yesterday’s warmish eighty-two and periodic bursts of sunshine. Ahhh. Life is indeed a mixed bag of unpredictability. As we wind down our work week (even despite the temperature shift) …

Fall pumpkins

Fall into the Ozarks

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It’s almost here! Can you feel it? For this born and bred Ozarkian gal, fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I adore the cool breeze and glorious color. If I must endure the 30 degree temperature shifts (sometimes, literally overnight), then I figure it’s finally payback. Fall in the Ozarks is a time like no other. There’s lots …

Children at play

Why Simple Days Are Often the Best Times

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We didn’t do anything extraordinary over Labor Day weekend, but I’m sentimental so simple days are often the best times in my book. I tend to file away every memorable nugget for safekeeping. “Isn’t this wonderful? We’re making a memory!” It’s somewhat of a running joke in our family. Last Friday, I mentioned how I looked forward to some much-needed …