Newsletter Invitation

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The countdown’s on. It’s almost time. My October newsletter goes out this week! Today as I add the finishing touches to HEARTFELT HOMESPUN FICTION from the Ozarks, I wanted to extend a personal invitation to subscribe. It’s easy, painless, and free! (Please sign up in the sidebar. In the e-mail you’ll receive, just click on the coordinating link or copy …


Where Will You Throw Your Stone?

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When I first heard of Frank Gifford’s death, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. The news of his passing came through a friend’s link. I have to admit, I really didn’t know much about this man—the New York Giants football/broadcaster legend—though, of course, I knew who he was. While I was growing up, my father often spoke about Gifford …


Summertime in the Ozarks: A Taste of Heaven (With a Hug and a Smile!)

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Last week it was the rain (again). Now we have the sauna and sunshine. Welcome to the Ozarks! Heat, humidity, and rain (at least this summer) are part of the package here.  Add to that sparkling lakes, scenic views, and lots of rolling hills and hollows—green as far as the eye can see—and you have summertime in the Ozarks. A …


7 Ways to Rock Your Heartfelt Homespun Easter

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During the midst of Holy Week, today I want to pause for a moment and consider this poignant time of tragedy and triumph. For some, the holiday means little more than Easter eggs, baskets, and goodies. For Christians, we understand that’s surface stuff—fun and fluff secondary to the real celebration. When our kids were little, each received an Easter basket, though …

basket of apples

Need Encouragement? Here’s a Basketful!

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Ahhh. Wednesday. The  mid-week slump. Are you feeling a little blah? A little unmotivated? Well, I’m so happy you’ve stopped by! I have just the cure! Today I’ve pulled out all stops and picked a basketful of encouragement just for you. I’ve combed through the archives and chosen a few of my favorite posts—ones that will uplift, inspire, and brighten …

Christmas package

My Prayer for You Today

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Has the frenzied pace of Christmas shopping and holiday prep left you weak in the knees? Tell the truth. Don’t be shy! If you nodded yes, then you’re not alone. I think every one of us has experienced that mind-blowing exhaustion that sneaks up and threatens to overwhelm. And for busy moms, writers, and work-around-the-clock folks, those feelings of insanity …

Fall in the Ozarks

Trapped by Doubt? Ditch It!

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Many years ago I sat in a meeting with “Jackie.” I’ll never forget the awkwardness of that day. (You can read more here.) Jackie rarely spoke well of others and often voiced her discontent with everything from A to Z. In short—she was no fun. I believe her attitude reflected deeper issues, specifically her own self-doubt. She was trapped in …

Quenched Book Review

Quenched: Christ’s Living Water for a Thirsty Soul (Book Review)

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Hi, friends! What a wonderful treat I have in store for you today! Are you thirsty? Well, grab your empty glass and pull up a seat. We’re going to have some fun! What? you may say. You mean Christians have fun? Of course we do! We weren’t created to live dry, mediocre, or humdrum lives. We were created for so …

Hearts on a pumpkin

Love and Encouragement: The Heartbeat of This Blog

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If you’ve visited my cyber home for very long, you know many of my posts center around love and encouragement. Why? Well—I’m glad you asked. Love and encouragement are near and dear to my heart for a couple reasons. We live with enough negativity in this old world. Folks are starved for joy.   I’ve experienced adversity. Perhaps, you have, too. That’s why you need some good, old-fashioned …

Provision of apples

Provision (Trusting God When It’s Hard)

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When I was a little girl growing up in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, I thought I was the richest kid on earth. In that day the gulf between class distinctions didn’t span as far and wide as it does now. It was a gentler time—a sweet, brief season of decorum and sensitivity mingled with understated regard for those …