Writing Up a Storm

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Over the weekend I reviewed my work-in-progress, and I revamped a character that seemed to have become a bit of a bore. He’s still a bore—just a more colorful, multi-faceted bore. He doesn’t realize it. It’s part of who he is. As the story progresses, this fellow does grow and develop beyond what I’ve let the reader initially see.  And though …

Life Is a Stage…But Shouldn’t Be

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A few years ago we had the opportunity to see The Great Passion Play at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you’ve never seen it, you should. It’s a magnificent depiction of the last days of Jesus’s earthly ministry. I remember sitting spellbound throughout much of the play, especially during the crucifixion scene of Jesus. I recall thinking what was it like to …

Anniversary flowers

Isn’t It Romantic?

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Okay, today’s post is about something that is near and dear to my heart—romance! Anyone who knows me—really knows me—knows that I am a hopeless romantic. I tear up at Hallmark commercials, I appreciate gallantry, and I adore a handmade card with a heartfelt sentiment. I’m also deeply moved by… that tender kiss between those in love, handpicked wildflowers on a …

Got Church?

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Ever wonder about folks who do/don’t attend church? Generally speaking, I think we judge folks too harshly when they don’t. I think, too, some of the finest Christians on this planet are not church-goers for myriad reasons—health issues, circumstances beyond their control, work conflicts, feelings of unworthiness, and a host of other things. Now, that being said, as Christians we’re to “assemble …

Vintage Dick and Jane books

Plots, Subplots, and Other Animals

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In a previous post I talked about things I collect. Well, I have another one: old readers. I particularly love the classic Sally, Dick, and Jane series from the 1950’s-60’s. I’ve been blessed to pick up several of these old books at garage sales for a quarter a piece! At flea markets, I’ve seen some editions priced at more than $50! Also, …

Christ of the Ozarks

Hope Springs Eternal

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Years ago, when I began pursuing a publishing career, I remember there was often a little voice that would taunt Yeah, well hope springs eternal. It was the voice of discouragement, the voice of disbelief. I continued to plug away and tried to tamp down the ever-present rant going on in my head—the stream of negatives that played like a symphony …

Beauty In Simple Things

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This morning as I focused on my WIP, I contemplated the beauty in simple things. The novels I write are about simple, ordinary people. I create everyday folks, but with complexities of their own.  I write about small town life, day-to-day living, and the quest for happiness.  My characters learn as I do, finding joy in quiet blessings, heartfelt prayer, and a relationship …


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I’m a collector of many things. My kitchen has an apple theme so I collect all things “apple.”  Gingerbread men and women grace my laundry room in the borders and on the walls. I adore miniature teapots so I have several of those. I’m also a lover of vintage cookbooks, preferably circa 1950 and earlier. And my most cherished collection …


Writing Christian Fiction

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For many people not familiar with Christian fiction there’s sometimes the preconceived notion that if it’s Christian it must be boring. I remember once being asked why I wanted to write for the Christian market rather than the secular one. “Well, a Christian is who I am,” I responded.  “I think what I write would be best suited to that niche.” “Don’t you …


Perspective During World Tragedy

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In light of what was happening in the world today, I found it difficult to concentrate on my WIP. I stared at the blank computer screen, but the words wouldn’t come. I was writing fiction. Others—living, breathing human beings—were having their lives unfold in real-time on television and cell phones for millions of people everywhere to see. I felt guilty …