New Year, New You, New Goals

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Hello Friends!

Can you believe 2013 is now a memory? Perhaps that comes as welcome relief. Maybe it’s met with regret or tinged with sorrow. Maybe… the passing of yet another year is mingled with burgeoning hope of possibility.

Whatever 2013 held for you, I pray 2014 will be a bright spot on your life calendar.



What’s past is past. No need to relive those moments punctuated by doubt or earmarked with sadness. Life is a series of flops and faux pas, heartache and hindrances. Yet, life is also balanced with a fair share of mirth and mini-miracles.

I find that when I focus on joy-filled events or times of success, my mindset improves tremendously. I’m all too aware of the enemy’s desire–to steal, kill, and destroy the goodness of what God intends. 

It’s not always easy to remain encouraged. Sometimes, it’s flat-out difficult. But here’s the deal: what’s the alternative? Accept defeat? Tolerate mediocrity? Cry in our cornflakes?

I’ll admit–sometimes I have cried. It’s a temporary fix. A weariness purge. The kind of thing that only happens when I’m physically and emotionally spent. It’s occasional and doesn’t happen often.

If that describes you, it really is okay. Shedding a tear or crying a river doesn’t mean you’re weak-willed or wobbly-kneed. It means you’re human. And depending upon the scope of the circumstance, crying is quite normal. For a time.

A new year doesn’t negate future disappointment, but it does assure us of one thing: we’ve survived! We’re stronger for it, committed to it, and buoyed by it. That’s huge! Don’t be swayed by the No-No Nancys or Downer Dans. Because they thrive on negativity, they’ll lead you to believe that “making it through” and “getting by” are standard ways of life.  Of course, that’s a lie.

Since I’ve always approached life with the “Scarlett mentality” (you know, the “after all, tomorrow is another day” mindset), I suspect that’s why I prefer to see the glass half-full as opposed to bone-dry empty.

Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2014! *clink*



With 2013 behind us, we can shake off the dust of defeat and strap on our miracle mindset.

While it’s important to examine what didn’t work and why, it’s pointless to dwell on every jot and tittle of how we messed up.

On the flip side, it’s advantageous to recall accolades and accomplishments. (I think it helps to write them down and post them nearby.) It’s not about ego. It reminds us of what we’re capable of!

One of the biggest (and best) lessons I learned from last year was Don’t believe everything you hear. I know this. You know this. BUT it’s easy to fall into the trap: “Well, an ‘expert’ said it–and so did a dozen other Joes. It must be true.” 

Check the facts. Do your research.

That’s not harsh. It’s smart.

And if you make a mistake, remember my motto: Admit it, own it, and move on! Integrity matters. Folks will respect you for it.

Commit to a new you by being intentional. With your time. Your talent. The company you keep. (And the mindset you own.)

God grants us free will. We get to choose.

No, we may not have control over situations and outcomes, but we decide how we’ll respond to them.

Remember–a new you doesn’t make you a meanie. Meanies mope. Encouragers hope. 

And I don’t know about you, but when I think of new, I think improved. Changed. Noticeably different. (Unlike those bags of chips or cookies that boast 25% more product and better-tasting goodness, but when you get past the fancy, bigger packaging, the only thing that’s new or different is the amount of air inside the bag!)



Goal-setting is huge. Huge.

As we enter 2014, I’ve already started my list of new goals. I’d urge you to do the same. If you need a little encouragement this post is for you.

Goals help us plan. Dream. Envision success and anticipate the future.

If you’re a writer on the journey, you probably understand the importance of goals. Goals mark progress. They generate excitement. 

Without a visable plan, it’s easy to get discouraged. (If you’re a new writer, resolve now to make goals a priority. It’s better to have a sense of direction and a road map than to wander blind into the land of enchantment.)

Bling wears off. Reality lingers.

The writing life is hard. Exhausting. Sometimes lonely.

If I’d known years ago how difficult the journey would be, would I still make the trip?

I used to answer an automatic yes.

And I still would–take the journey, that is. But I would qualify my automatic answer to the question by adding: Not without goals. And definitely, not without re-assessing my goals, adding new ones, and re-strategizing at the beginning of each year.



I loved what my agent said last week about attitude as we enter 2014. How successful we are at meeting our goals hinges on specific traits. See if you can guess what they are before you pop over and read her post. Great thoughts!

You won’t want to miss Rachel Kent’s follow-up post either because her tips tie in beautifully.

Have a fabulous day! (And don’t forget the chocolate!)


Did you meet last year’s goals?

Care to share new goals for 2014?

What are you looking forward to during the new year?


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Blessings Always,

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  1. Melissa Tagg

    Love your post today and the challenge and encouragement it contains. 🙂

    I also love setting goals and making plans. I have to admit, in the past few years (and few months, especially) I’ve felt God stretching me, reminding me to be flexible, to hold my own plans and goals with a loose grip. But even in the midst of learning that lesson (over and over and over, it seems) I still think it’s good to set goals…they give me something to stride toward and help me focus. Stay focused, stay flexible–I need to do both. 🙂

    As for my goals for 2014, well, I will need to write a LOT in a short amount of time this year. So my goal is to be productive and to do what I need to do to meet deadlines. But I’m also hoping to not get so buried in work that I miss out on deepening relationships.

  2. Jessica R. Patch

    Wow, Cindy! You came out of the new year stalls bucking with wild encouragement and meaty challenges! Well done. Well said.

    I met many of my goals last year but a few I did not and I’m focusing on the ones I did and adding what I didn’t to next year’s.

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    Cynthia Herron

    Melissa, if anyone can juggle (and master) priorities, you can! I have no doubt that your heart for Jesus and others, as well as your sweet, creative spirit will remain in sync.

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  5. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Henry Lee said it best, for me, in a poem called “fighting On”. It gives me strength.

    I see no gleam of victory alluring,
    no hope of splendid booty or of gain.
    If I endure, I must goon enduring
    and my only reward for bearing pain – is pain.
    yet though the thrill, the zest, and the hope are gone
    something within me keeps me fighting on.

    Henry lee died in Japanese captivity during WW2, and this poem was found among his effects, carefully buried in his last prison camp.

    We are fortunate that he lived, and that his legacy is with us still.

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  7. Jennifer Zarifeh Major

    I love that you said you’d make this journey even if you knew all that you do now.
    I didn’t truly feel like I’d found the last piece of the Jennifer puzzle until I started writing.
    The blessings of this life MUST include all the amazing friends I’ve made along the way, including YOU!!!

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