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Our new furry addition--Miranda!

Our new furry addition–Miranda!

Today’s is a short, fun Friday post dedicated to my pet-loving friends.

You may remember me mentioning that we recently added a furry new addition to our family. “Miranda” the kitty found a forever home with our family the weekend after Christmas. She’s about 18 months old, white with gray markings, and she’s a sweet little thing.

(We’ve not had a pet since 2003 when we lost our beloved black Lab–“Blackie”–to a tornado. Because of the trauma of that time and situation, I’d always said we’d never have another pet.) *sigh* 

Well, of course, I’m now eating my words. The family won me over.

We adopted Miranda from a nearby “no kill” shelter. She was fostered for a time after being found and we’re not sure of the experiences she endured prior to that. She’s spayed, litter box trained, and has had the necessary vaccinations, worming, and some tests to rule out any illnesses.

As you might expect, there’s been an adjustment period.

Miranda was very shy and reclusive the first day she came to us, but slowly, she’s adjusting. 

It’s exciting to see the changes. While she still doesn’t want to be held on our laps, she likes being where we’re at, often following us from room to room to see what we’re up to.

She’ll snuggle up against our legs and she adores being petted and brushed. She’s even hopped on our beds now and then to curl up near us while we’re sleeping. (Eeeek! That unnerved me a bit the first time it happened. I was deep in dreamland and I wasn’t expecting it.)

On the advice of friends, we’ve introduced her to areas of our home little by little so as not to overwhelm her. (I still prefer she stay out of the kitchen.) And believe it or not–I think Miranda understands the word “no” when she ventures somewhere she shouldn’t.

She loves to run and play hide-and-seek, but rarely uses the $80 pet condo with cubby. (Of course!)

And out of the multiple kitty toys we purchased, what do you think is her favorite–the little blue mouse on a string that lights up? The shiny wand with colorful streamers? How about the stuffed mice or little ball with tinkly bell?

Uh, no.

Try a shoelace. An ordinary long, white shoelace! (She’ll drag that thing from room to room meowing pitifully which I suppose is her way of saying “play with me!”)

Now, since our family’s never had a cat (though darling daughter did some vast research), our initial base, hands-on knowledge has been limited, though we’re learning. We’re getting a crash course in all things feline. It’s a wild, exhausting ride! (For Miranda, too.)

Zonked out and purring... (which she does a lot of!)

Zonked out and purring… (which she does a lot of!)


Our little miss weighs about 8 pounds, though appearances are deceiving.

Our little miss weighs about 8 pounds, though appearances are deceiving.


Deep in dreamland...dreaming of cat things. Whatever that is.

Deep in dreamland…dreaming of cat things. Whatever that is.


Help a gal out! I do have a few questions…

What are your thoughts about declawing?

How can we get Miranda used to her pet condo?

Miranda seems to nap often. I’m guessing this is normal?

Any other tips or useful kitty tidbits?

I’d love to know about your pets, too!


Warning: Cute kitty photos ahead! Check them out here: (Click to Tweet)

Happy, Happy Weekend!

Blessings always,

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  1. Jennifer Zarifeh Major

    I am not a cat person. But I do accept that they can occasionally be cut.

    We have a dog named Tippy. He’s roughly 10, we don’t know for sure since he’s an SCPA dog and they said he was 5 when we got him.

    He thinks he’s an East German border patrol dog. But, he’s 14 pounds of poodle terrier cross.And he’s a sook.

  2. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Jennifer, awww! Tippy’s a sweet name! And I adore your description of him!

    (What days do you post on your blog? I’ll visit in another browser next time and try leaving a comment that way. That might eliminate the Blogger/WP glitch. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!)

  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Congratulations! And remember – in ancient times humans worshiped cats.

    Cats have not forgotten this.

    On declawing – yes, if she’s to be inside all the time. In she’s outside, and is attacked by a predator (like, a dog) her options will be limited. She won’t be able to climb a tree.

    She’ll either choose to like the condo, or not. You can try putting her food there. But never make it forced, or she’ll avoid it like the plague.

    Naps – yes. Cats will sleep up to 20 hours a day – and remember, they are fundamentally nocturnal.

    Best advise I can give for having a cat is the the relationship will be on her terms. She may take awhile to warm up to being held, but it’s likely that when she’s more secure, she’ll want it.

    Also – cats are much closer to their feral heritage than are dogs.

    My pets…well, I’d write a whole ‘nother post on them, but here’s an anecdote –

    Yesterday Bella the wheelchair dog stood unassisted, and took two unassisted steps. I held my hands to either side so she wouldn’t fall over.

    Pretty good for a terrier whose back was broken and displaced. She has nerve connections, and they are slowly improving. We are trying to build up the muscles in her back to support movement, and take the stiffening role of the spine.

  4. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Andrew, thanks for the insight! Someone suggested we spray a little catnip inside the condo, and that works for a time, but then the scent wears off and Miranda’s on her merry way again. *sigh*

    About declawing…I’m still not sure! The procedure sounds painful and barbaric. She is an indoor cat, but I’m praying we can get her used to her scratching post.

    Blessings on little Bella! *Clink* (I raise my coffee mug to you, fellow pet-lover!)

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