How Doug Pitt Brought Life Full Circle for One Forever Family

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As is always the case, our time on earth is marked by seasons—those God-crafted moments by which we measure the ebb and flow of life and all we hold dear.

Some seasons are harsh and unending. Others are more forgiving, punctuated by subtle joys and fleeting sorrows. Then there are those springs—those magnificent days of glory and sunshine—that totally upend us and cause our hearts to expand.

This past weekend was like that for our family. Spring.

How could it be?

How could the past two decades give birth to now?

Where had time gone?

In just a short while, Doug Pitt would speak. Fitting, I mused. One of the most respected humanitarians in the area would give our niece’s high school commencement address.

The child who’d known poverty—lived it firsthand—would hear from a man who put his time, effort, and resources into improving the quality of life for those who lived like my niece once had.



God orchestrated the evening according to His will, plan, and purpose. Unknowingly to Doug Pitt, his being there would indeed bring life full circle for one, bright young lady and her forever family.

Doug’s inspiration, humor, and warmth resonated. He talked about how one thing—one thing—could make a difference. (If he only knew.) I wanted to high-five him.

He also charged the graduates with accountability and choosing the smart path—not going the same way as everyone else, simply because it’s the popular choice.

Oh, how I wanted to stop the minute hand on God’s earthly clock! To hug my niece and say, “See? You did it! You nailed this school thing!”

I longed to smother those grown-up cheeks in auntie kisses.

I ached to hear that once pat line. The one delivered with great dramatic flair in her distinct Mandarin Chinese dialect. “Oh, Aunt Cin-dee-ah! You are silly!” Followed by this: “Wo ai ni.” I love you.

Watching my niece walk that golden graduation aisle on Monday evening, years rolled back as memories of a different time played across my mind…

“I met the sweetest little girl today.” Holly* tugged off the stethoscope draped around her neck. “Short, cropped hair, almond-shaped eyes, and a beautiful smile—full of spunk and totally adorable.”

Obviously, my sister was smitten. I wanted to know more. “Oh? Was she having surgery?”

“Well, I can’t share the details, of course, but something like that. And she’s in the states for a while on a medical visa. ” Holly’s voice registered excitement. I sensed something different in her inflection and her countenance.

Life changed for Holly and her husband Jim* after that day. Somehow, I knew it would.

Almost nine-years-old, Erin*, as it turned out, came to this country to have a nevus (hemangioma) surgically removed at the hospital where my sister was a nurse.

For Holly and Jim, it was love at first sight. The sweet-dispositioned child from another world away captured their hearts and held them for ransom.

The (awesome) God-thing? This precious little one needed a forever family! And they needed her.

Fast-forward eleven years.

What a tremendous ride it’s been!

What started as chance  became a God-ordained miracle. And really, we all know that nothing is chance when it comes to our Heavenly Father. (Jeremiah 29:11)

We celebrated Erin’s high school graduation, not with all fanfare and applause, but with button-bursting pride and heartfelt love.


Help us celebrate!



Every family celebration begins with something delicious.



Whaaat? Doesn’t everyone coordinate their nail art with their tablescape?



Stick-to-the-rib country cookin’! (Kudos to Erin’s mama and daddy!)



Aunt Cindy’s plate. (A little dab did me. In!)



Pretty as a picture! (And of course, fresh nails are a MUST.)



At nine, Erin knew little English. Today? An A+ program scholarship achiever! Way to go, Erin!


*Names have been changed.



Does life go full circle? You be the judge!

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Life changed. How a forever family made all the difference.

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Has your life gone full circle?

Has someone made a difference in your life?

How are you paying it forward?


See you back on Friday!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

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