How Do We Keep the Dream Alive?

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How Do We Keep the Dream Alive? authorcynthiaherron.comOften, new writers plunge full steam ahead into their fledgling careers, barely giving thought to everything writing entails. Pursuit of “the dream” and all the glorious fantasies that go with it play out in delightful, creative scenarios because, after all, that’s what writers do best—we live in bold, imaginative worlds where anything is possible.

It’s only when—oh, say, maybe five, ten, or twenty years into the process—we realize anything is indeed possible, but those fantasies we initially had about “making it” within a designated time frame?


I’ll let you in on a secret.

It rarely happens as we envision.

Mature writers (the ones we grow into after scaling a few mountains) realize that writing entails so much more than “the dream.”

It’s more than the ability to write well.

It’s more than finishing manuscripts, attending conferences, and winning contests.

It’s more than polishing, revising, and even selling.

More than knowing publishing dos and don’ts.

More than using the correct lingo and the right writer’s-speak.

It’s more than we imagined and, perhaps, less than we hoped.

Here’s the truth.

Writing is that back-breaking pause we choose day in, day out, despite illness, loss, or life infringements. (Because…let’s be honest. There is no pause. Writers live, breathe, and sleep writing even when in R and R mode.)

Things may eclipse our joy or sideline our output, but our brains still absorb the stories around us.

We’re still moving forward, if only in our minds.

That’s progress and that’s something.

It’s how we keep the dream alive.

Mature writers discern which fantasies to feed and which ones to forsake.

We live and act like writers.

We’re realistic about the journey, but we’re hopeful, too.

Instead of packing just one bag, we take an extra. One for our trip and a spare for the blessings.

We’re wiser now—better adjusted for what life throws our way.

Rewrites, rejections, and plans gone awry?

Oh, snap. 

Just more fodder to fuel our success.

Yes, writing’s more than “the dream.” It’s bigger than our imagination and only limited by the same.

Belief births dreams.

And dreams live and breathe with each thought we think, word we write, and story we tell.

Don’t be afraid. Feed your dream, my friend.




Fuel a writer. Feed a dream.


Is your dream dead? Let’s change that!



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What’s your dream?

What are you doing to make your dream come true?


I’ve missed you!

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  2. Sherida Stewart

    Thank you, Cynthia. I needed to hear these words today….”Things may eclipse our joy or sideline our output, but our brains still absorb the stories around us.

    We’re still moving forward, if only in our minds.”

    I’ve climbed some of those mountains. Right now is my waiting phase, but my writer brain is still swimming with stories. Hoping to get to the output production soon.

    Blessings to you and your writing!

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    Cynthia Herron

    Sherida, you absolutely will write those stories. Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the view from the mountain, rest, and then…place your fingers on your keyboard, my friend.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your well-wishes. All the blessings backatcha!

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