Geese at daybreak

Don’t be Daunted by Dream-Crushers

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Geese at daybreak

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We’ve all met them.

Sometimes, they knock boldly on our doors. Other times, they slink in silence past our walls of resolve.

They come unbidden. Least expected. By themselves or in pairs.

They’re masters at disguise and manipulators of self-confidence.

They’re the dream-crushers. Our naysayers.

They’re those voices of negativity that attempt to steal our joy, thwart our goals, and deter our life visions.

Though dream-crushers aren’t always intentional, their words and actions can paralyze.

I once talked with someone who believed dreams were flights of fancy. As a child, she’d been raised with few words of affirmation and her dreams were often ignored. Not surprisingly, the people she later surrounded herself with were often of a similar mindset. Her friends and acquaintances were shallow, self-absorbed, and oblivious to positive thought direction.

Intrinsically, this young woman realized her perception of dreams was skewed. She yearned for change, but patterns of self-defeat ran deep.

Granted, her mindset reflected some deeper issues, but the situation made me think of our own dream-crushers.

Some dream-crushers can come by way of circumstance. More often than not, however, the killers of inspiration are usually people.

I’m very blessed. I have a supportive family and terrific friends.

I consciously choose positivity and limit the amount of negativism I allow in my life. Sometimes, I unplug from social media for a while and I don’t watch the news for days. I use that time to recharge and gain a fresh perspective.

Of course life will throw us curve balls. We’ll have tough days and seasons that upend us.

It’s those other times—the times when attitudes of doubt, dismay, and discouragement ring our doorbells and want to take up residence.

And it’s during those times, we must act intentionally. We must defy our dream-crushers.


Here are some suggestions:


  • Invite your dream-crushers along for the ride. Encourage by example. Demonstrate compassion. They may refuse the ride, but that’s their choice.


  • Remain goal-focused. Dream-crushers are seldom silenced. No need to become embroiled in verbal battles. Sometimes, we have to accept the situation is what it is and move on.


  • Delight in our passion. When we see our vision before us and act upon it, we’re propelling ourselves forward.


  • Maintain Christ-like composure. Accept that detractors will exist. We can’t change them. But He can.


  • Prove them wrong. Achieving dreams can’t be argued with. Arriving at our destination is proof positive that it can be done.


  • Turn a deaf ear. But continue to pray. When all else fails, sometimes (sadly) it’s necessary to just move on. We’re not being mean. We’re choosing the sunnier path.




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Have you faced dream-crushers?

Any tips you care to add?

What are your dreams?


Encourage someone today!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Sometimes the worst dream-crusher is the person who implies that “while you’re chasing your dream we’re making sacrifices and suffering”.

    It can be true, but usually it’s said because of envy – people without dreams really envy those who do.

    The best way to deal with it is to simply ascribe the comment to small-minded mean spiritedness, and move on. It smacks of arrogance, I know – and no little disrespect – but sometimes one simply has to throw the dream-crusher under the bus, and move on.

  2. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Andrew, it takes a lot of prayer and discernment, doesn’t it? As a lover of the underdog, I find No-No Nancys and Downer Dans disheartening. It only takes a moment to encourage and uplift.

  3. Julia Bartgis

    Good suggestions. But you forgot this one; tempt them into a sweeter disposition with candy, preferably chocolate. Hahahahahahha. It works with my kids……

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