Christian Fiction Writers (and what we wish you knew)

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Photo Credit: Dave Heuts/Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Dave Heuts/Creative Commons

Because there are a lot of misconceptions about Christian fiction writers and the market we write for, I thought it would be fun today to share an updated post.

See if you can identify.

What We Wish You Knew…


1. We write in many different genres within the Christian market. Yes, even the (*gasp*) inspirational romance genre.


2. We love Jesus, but please don’t put us on a pedestal. We have faults and shortcomings.


3. When we’re asked “What do you write?” we’re happy to share. If you reply “Whoa! I’d never read that in a million years!” we’d rather you bite your tongue.


4. We appreciate candor. Rudeness, not so much.


5. We’re not “holy rollers.” We’re real people, living in a real world, and traveling similar destinations. Our stories often reflect this.


6. Christian fiction is evolving, but Christ remains our cornerstone. If you’d like to know more, please ask! Nothing thrills us more than to share about Jesus.


7. We read other books besides Christian fiction. BUT…please don’t label us “intolerant” when we refuse to read profane rants. We want to expand our horizons, not promote ignorance.


8. Writing and crafting are hard work. It takes time, practice, and commitment. All the brotherly love in the world can’t tell you how to write, acquire an agent, or pursue publication unless you’re willing to put forth the effort. It’s un-Christian for us to fuel misguided thinking.


9. We love God, but we’re still business people. Meaning: Please understand that while sharing the Gospel is our first objective, writing is our job. We must write to deliver the Message. We must write to meet deadlines. We must write to finish books. We must write to potentially earn an income. In other words, writing isn’t merely a hobby. It is fun and we do enjoy it, but it’s our career.


10. We’re moved by your kind words and encouraging e-mails. It blesses us to know that something we’ve written has blessed you. On the other hand, please don’t diss our work as “some more of that Christian fiction junk” without ever having read anything we’ve written. It doesn’t make us like you. Of course, we still love you in a Christian kinda way!


If you write Christian fiction, what else would you add?

Perhaps, you’re a reader. Anything surprise you?

Photo Credit: Dave Heuts/Creative Commons

Here’s to a Happy Weekend! See you again on Wednesday!

Blessings Always,

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  1. Heather Day Gilbert

    Thoughtful list. I like the one about writing being work…it’s amazing how much marketing authors have to do these days, whether self-pubbing or traditionally pubbed. Getting harder and harder to concentrate on WRITING! AGH.

  2. Jessica R. Patch

    Such a great list. I would like readers to know I write because I love the Christian message and of course weaving a tale. But I also write because I love and care about YOU–the reader. If you’re struggling, doubting, unsure about life, I pray my stories offer you the hope you’re looking for or hope that may have been buried. It truly is a labor of love. Cindy, I so love your heart, and endearing humor!

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    Cynthia Herron

    Jess, thank you! I DO think life should be fun, that’s for sure! Lol (No, really… I’ve crawled through the valley. That’s how I keep things in perspective. In other words, compared to that… everything else is gravy. Lumps or not!)

    You bless me so much through your Wednesday DEVOs! You’re like a honing device–you always draw us in with your wit, your spirit, and your love for Christ. And I come away 10 times better than I was before!

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    Cynthia Herron

    Heather, I hear you! I love mingling with like-minded folks and making friends. The “marketing” aspect is a fine line, isn’t it? We have to fit the actual writing in somewhere, don’t we?

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  6. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I backed into Christian fiction. My debut novel, “Blessed Are The Pure of Heart”, was intended as a secular romance, but the Christian message sort of wandered in.

    And that was all to the good, both for that novel and the next ones that will be shopped. It’s important to have a strong foundation of values upon which one’s characters can stand.

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    Cynthia Herron

    Andrew, agreed! And don’t you just love how God works?! I smiled at “…but the Christian message sort of wandered in.” Just proves how great our God is!

    Looking forward to seeing your writing ministry come to fruition!

  8. Kristy Cambron

    I love this list! #2 really resonated with me. We DO love Jesus and write to proclaim Him, but we’ve made mistakes and will continue to do so. I’m thankful for grace!

    You taught me a little about myself and made me think with this post. Thank you for that! : )

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