The Reason (Book Review and Giveaway)

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As you know, I rarely review books on the blog with the exception of those that particularly move me. Because of that, today I’m excited to share thoughts about The Reason, a début novel by author William Sirls. First, let me say this is a story you’ll be inclined to rush through (a good thing), but don’t. The Reason should …

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Book Review)

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One of the things I love about this author’s books is her immediate connection with the reader. Beth doesn’t need or use fancy, frilly words to draw us in. It’s all about story. And the way she communicates a story is sublime. In Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I expected a quick, happy read—light summer fare to satisfy my hankering …

Until the Harvest book reviews via

Until the Harvest (Book Review)

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Often, there are many books I can’t wait to read. Great stories by fabulous authors. Sadly—since I write, too, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything I wish I could. However—regardless how busy, how drained, how pressed for time I am—there are those authors who, without a doubt, I know I will read. I’ll make time. …

Family of Her Dreams

Talking Family with Keli Gwyn, Author of Family of Her Dreams

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Today I’m delighted to welcome my friend Keli Gwyn, author of Family of Her Dreams. I first met Keli online, and then in person at the 2011 ACFW conference in St. Louis. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Keli better—and let me just say—she’s the real deal. Nice. Thoughtful. Down-to-earth. And a huge Taco Bell fan. Let the …

Jill Kemerer

Meet Jill Kemerer, Author of Small-Town Bachelor

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I’m so excited to have dear friend and agency-mate, Jill Kemerer, join me on the blog today. *waves* Jill is one those sweet souls who immediately puts others at ease and makes the world a whole lot brighter… and funnier! 🙂 I got to meet Jill in person when we roomed together during the 2012 ACFW conference in Dallas. Let …

Recommended Reading for Writers

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When we decide we want to be a writer, that’s what we want to do—write. Craft. Create. We’re in that romantic phase. We’re in love with the idea of writing, the writing world, and our glorious perception of what the future holds for us. For some, reality sinks in fairly quickly. For others, it takes a while. Novices march to …

The Stockbridge Library

Is Reading a Must for Writers?

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In addition to family time and some much needed R&R, something else I appreciate about the holiday season is the opportunity to read. As you might expect, most writers are avid readers, too. The sad reality is I don’t get to read near as often as I used to. My TBR pile is overflowing and my magazine baskets are stacked …

Quenched Book Review

Quenched: Christ’s Living Water for a Thirsty Soul (Book Review)

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Hi, friends! What a wonderful treat I have in store for you today! Are you thirsty? Well, grab your empty glass and pull up a seat. We’re going to have some fun! What? you may say. You mean Christians have fun? Of course we do! We weren’t created to live dry, mediocre, or humdrum lives. We were created for so …

Miracle in a Dry Season

Miracle in a Dry Season (Book Review)

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  Welcome! I’m delighted you’re here! Today you’re in for a special treat as I talk about one of my favorite books from a rising star in Christian fiction. Chances are you’ve heard about Miracle in a Dry Season by the charming and talented Sarah Loudin Thomas. Let me just say—this is one of the finest debuts I’ve read from …

The Waiting (The Book that Will Leave You Breathless)

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When buzz started to build about The Waiting, I must admit to a preliminary goosebump moment. I knew I had to have this book. As a reader, who wouldn’t love a true story like this? As a mom, how could my heartstrings not be tugged? And as a Christian… Well, as a Christian was I prepared for the gamut of …