Are You a Creative Thinker?

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When our children were little they enjoyed coloring, painting, and crafting. Creating.

We encouraged this.

Ordinary mashed potatoes became volcanoes. The “lava” was the gravy.

We also made green eggs and ham (and yes, we ate them). Mealtime was always an adventure.

During other creativity-bursts, we strung beads, built forts, fired pottery, wrote stories, and wove potholders. We colored, painted, and crafted our way throughout the grade school years.

Our teenager still appreciates a plain sheet of paper and can turn it into a masterpiece in a matter of moments, while our oldest child (now an educator) adores the theater and acting. Different avenues, but similar gifts.

I believe creativity comes in many colors.

Some folks lean toward the bold and fanciful while others are drawn to the subtle shades of “unique.”


Because God made us that way!

Creativity is evident at an early age because kids rarely see life in black and white. Their little minds are drawn to bold, vivid imagery that kick-starts their creative juices.

For instance, a small child may color the cow purple and the rooster pink at age three because they haven’t yet learned to conform. They’re still thinking outside the box and doing what comes naturally—creating beauty as they see it!

It doesn’t take long for children to realize, however, that their version of creativity doesn’t always mesh with what’s expected or required. They learn that the perceived “odd ducks” rarely swim with the swans.

While constraints are necessary at times, they can stifle creativity, and I think that’s tragic.

It’s the creative thinkers that turn drab to fab. They see life as a buffet of crayons instead of a Number 2 pencil.

And for writers that’s power.



The thing that sets creative thinkers apart.

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Are you a creative thinker?

How do you use your creative skills?


See you again next Wednesday!

Blessings Always,

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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I don’t consider myself creative; others (like Beth Vogt!) have disagreed, vehemently.

    My characters REALLY exist, in some alternate plane of God’s creation. I just write down their stories, and heaven help me if I get it wrong. They can get quite testy, and see no problem in keeping me up until dawn.

    When I used to paint, I just painted what was in front of me. As Monet said (to draw an absurd comparison), “I’m just an eye.”

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