6 Wednesday Wows! (Your Mid-Week Encouragement)

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A little word that conveys so much. When we hear people say it, we snap to.

Surprise, elation, or maybe even fear or disappointment—whatever emotion wow evokes, it moves us.

Today, let’s focus on the feel good aspect of wow. (Because as you surely know by now, I’m all about encouragement.)

Without further ado, here are your 6 Wednesday Wows!


1. Is happiness really a choice? (A brief, but powerful wow via Sonoma Christian Home and Marion Pyle.)


2. Do you live with disappointment? Well, stop it! Kelly Balarie shares beautiful, godly thoughts that will make you think/live in a new way. This post is a for sure wow. (Check out all the inspiring links that readers have contributed, too.)


3. You’ve been there. So have I. We’ve all said those regrettable things we wish we could take back a thousand times over. Agent-mate and friend Jennifer Major (Tales from the Redhead) makes us giggle…and think about forgiveness and grace.  Here’s the post: The Dumbest Thing I Ever Said. Yep. Wow.


4. She bluffed her way through mistakes, but one day her secret came out and she questioned her life purpose. You guessed it—wow. Liz Hetzel recalls a defining moment in Called to Dance via Guideposts.


5. Everyone knows and loves the beautiful classic, The Old Rugged Cross. This rendition will touch you in a new way. And again, wow. (Grab a tissue first.)


6. Do you enjoy comfort food? Then you and yours will adore this: Homemade Chick-fil-A Nuggets via the awesome Kristin Schell and her friend, Annie. Oh, my. Wow. (And so easy!) This gluten-free recipe will have you singing praises.




7. You’re a Winner Wednesday is a fun wow that will put a spring in your step and add a smile to your day.


Here’s to encouragement! (It’s my newest flavor… Sinless Pastry. Encouragement in a coffee cup!)




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Who/What’s encouraged you this week?





See you back Friday!

Blessings Always,

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  1. Kristin

    WOW! Thanks for sharing one of our favorite recipes. Great stories — although my heart is aching for Jennifer as I think through all the big, fat words I wish I could take back. Grateful for grace. And, YOU!

  2. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Andrew, I hope you’ll get some rest today. (Praying for you!) I’m glad you liked Kristin’s gluten-free chicken nugget recipe (and made with real chicken instead of that pressed whatever it is at some of the fast food places). Be sure and check out Kristin’s website for more fabulous gluten-free goodies. Yum!

  3. Post
    Cynthia Herron

    Kristin, I know it was wrong to giggle at Jennifer’s predicament, but can’t we all relate in some way? And amen to grace—oh, how I need that!

    I must confess—I had quite the dilemma. I couldn’t decide whether to share your Sprite cake recipe or some of the other wonderful yummies. But the Chick-fil-A take-off nailed it. Mmmm! (Their nuggets are the only ones I’ll usually eat out. That pressed stuff other places refer to as “chicken nuggets” is just ewww.) And now I know an even better way to make the homemade ones—and with your secret ingredient! Thanks ever so much! *hug*

  4. Jennifer Zarifeh Major

    Awwww! Thank you, Cindy!!!

    I’ve learned that true friends, and true grace, see past shape and size. Besides, I know for a fact I will survive further saying anything stupid, because I’ve already hit the outer atmosphere of shame.

  5. Post

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