20 Reasons to be Happy TODAY

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Lest you think I’m a perpetual Pollyanna–I’m not. Just ask my family. They’ll confirm that I do have my off-days or less than stellar moments. The roast will burn, an idea will fizzle, or temptation will seize me (usually in the form of chocolate).

That being said, I do tend to be a motivated, upbeat kind of gal. Not because I haven’t walked the valley or known heartache, but because I have hope–that sweet, blessed assurance that God is in control and can change sorrow to serenity in the blink of an eye.

Something that helps me to focus on the positive–I choose to live in the now. It doesn’t mean I don’t set goals or aim higher. It means I try to maintain an apostle Paul-like mentality and concentrate on words like contentment, today, and Christ.

You may ask, “Well, Cindy, how can I be happy TODAY?”

Okay. Grab a pen and pad OR print this post.




1. Today’s a new day. An automatic do-over.


2. At least one person loves you. Guess who!


3. You’re one day closer to your dream. Don’t doubt. Get going!


4. You’re wiser than you were yesterday. Knowledge trumps indecision.


5. You are God’s masterpiece. Truly. You’re exquisite.


6. You are a blessing. Someone somewhere benefits from who you are and what you do.


7. You can see. (You’re reading this blog post, right?)


8. Circumstances are ever-changing. Rest assured, the muck of the moment isn’t forever.


9. You’re not here by accident. God has a plan.


10. You have choices. It’s true! You do.


11. No one can do what you can do. Your talent is unique.


12. Hope is on your side. God’s cheering you on.


13. A new season is at hand. Opportunities abound.


14. You have influence. To use for good.


15. You’re a vision-caster. Today’s a snapshot of the bigger picture.


16. Someone wants to be your friend. Prepare for a hug.


17. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You’re going to make it.


18. Creativity is free. Tap into it.


19. Beauty surrounds you. Pick your colors and paint your world.


20. There’s plenty of chocolate to go around. It’s a God-thing!



What would you add to the list?

How do YOU stay focused on the NOW?


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Photo Credit: adwriter/Creative Commons

Blessings Always,

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  3. Loree Huebner

    Thank you for this post, Cindy. Just what I needed to start my week. I’ve had a difficult (but doable) two weeks. I am going to mark it as a favorite.

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