20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

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authorcynthiaherron.comBy now, the baking’s done, the Christmas tree’s up, and all the gifts are wrapped and delightfully displayed.



That’s not the case for everyone.

Sometimes, life derails our best intentions and we don’t accomplish everything we intend within the time frame we want.

Work, school, and various obligations sidetrack our plans. Less pressing to-dos are shoved to the back burner as we tackle bigger matters first. When we finally come up for air, we realize what we thought was less pressing is really just more kindling for the fire.  You know—panic mode.

We’ve purchased gifts for family, friends, coworkers, and the preacher, but what about others on our list? You know the ones—those treasured souls who have ink in their veins. The word-wranglers. The story-tellers. The creatives. The writers.

Ever struggle with Christmas gift ideas for the writers on your list?

Happily, that’s not a struggle for me, but that’s because I am one. A writer.

And let me tell you—I have more than just a few ideas about what to give a purveyor of the art. (Hint: It’s not that hard! Writers need, like, and enjoy many things!)

Today, as the countdown to Christmas continues, take note. Grab your pens or turn on your printer.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Happy shopping!


20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers



1. Gift Cards—Not just any gift card. Put some thought into it. Make it personal. Think writing craft. Think Starbucks (coffee, tea, snacks),  Barnes & Noble ( books, journals, planners, calendars), Amazon (a writer’s paradise), iTunes (music to create by), or an office supply store (note cards, pens, pencils, printer cartridges. etc.)


2. Post-it Notes—Blocks of ’em and in various shapes, sizes, and colors! Writers use these for character sketches, story-crafting, manuscript revision, etc.


3. Coffee/tea mug—Something bright and cheery with a whimsical saying.


4. Goodie basket—The sky’s the limit! Include favorite teas, coffees, chocolates, notepads, pens, journals, and fun, creative items.


5. Books—Match your choice to the writer’s genre or choose something related to the writing craft. (Remember to include a gift receipt!)


6. Candy jar—Filled with your recipient’s favorite treats. (Junior Mints, Godiva truffles, and chocolate bars are winners. A-hem.)


7. Chair cushion or a massaging chair pad—Since writers spend hours sitting, our backs and backsides often take a hit.


8. Desk lamp—You don’t have to break the bank. There are many great options for $40 and under. Choose something adjustable to accommodate personal preferences.


9. Corn/rice sock—Great for stiff shoulders or neck strain, these can be warmed in the microwave according to need.


10. Footstool—A healthy way to elevate aching feet and prevent fluid from pooling in extremities. I purchased mine for about $10 at a discount chain.


11. Bookmarks—I like magnetic ones that cling to the book pages, but options abound.


12. Desk calendar—Alerts on our phones are nice, but calendars (something unique to an individual’s preference) are great, too.


13. Printer paper—Although most manuscript submissions are sent electronically, writers go through reams of paper as we revise and double-check our work. I like the higher quality (brighter, heavier-weighted paper.)


14. Conference scholarship—Many writers attend yearly conferences to further their craft and to connect with industry professionals. A vote of confidence by way of a small donation or scholarship to a favorite writing conference boosts morale in a meaningful way.


15. Newsletter and blog subscriptions—Sign up for our updates! Cheerleaders are huge to writers. We love connecting with like-minded creatives, readers, writers, and friends through our written missives. It encourages us to know we encourage you. Writers talk about books and writing, yes, but we also give a glimpse into our personal lives and what makes us us. Personally speaking, I don’t think of my subscribers as “numbers.” They’re family. And, as family, we bear each other up in love.


16. A dry erase board—Writers are huge fans. We use them for ideas, reminders, brainstorming, etc.


17. Stress ball—A handy-dandy, squishy ball writers use to de-stress or limber up overworked fingers. These are usually found in office supply stores or online.


18. Witty wall/desk art—Easily purchased at a home decor store or hobby chain. Hint: Words of encouragement, especially, go a long way. Something tailored specifically toward your writing friend personalizes your gift.


19. Photo frame—Various sizes, but a safe bet may be one with 4″ x 6″ dimensions. Yes, most people keep a photo library on their phones, but an actual picture frame with a shot of our loved ones is nice, too.


20. Pen/paper clip/business card caddy—Inexpensive and ohh so useful.


BONUS: Offer to be a beta reader. You don’t have to catch grammar faux pas or worry about sentence structure, etc. (Critique partners help with that.) However, it’s always wonderful to have those go-to folks who enjoy reading our manuscripts and can give initial impressions.








Need hints? Here are 20 practical and creative Christmas gift ideas for the writer on your list.


Don’t panic. There’s still time to choose the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite creative.



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Original Image Credit: Kboyd/Pixabay

What’s your personal favorite writing gift—something you’ve given or received?


Housekeeping Reminder: Friday, December 23rd, will be my last blog post before Christmas break. I’ll step away for about two weeks to enjoy the holidays with family, and I’ll also put the finishing touches on my January newsletter. I’m gearing up for a FABulous new year!!! 

Much Love and Many Blessings,

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